Common Problems Rats Cause

If you have a home, there is always a chance that that it may be at a risk of rat infestation. If not handled properly, any form of rat infestation can easily turn into a costly ordeal if not managed effectively. Worst of it all, you and your familys health will be put at risk by exposing them to a variety of contagious diseases and parasites. To be realistic, everyone is at the risk of rodent infestation no matter how new the home may be.

It is not a cool experience having rats as a visitor, and therefore every effort should be made to prevent their entry into your home. You may not have the intention of killing the rats instantly, however, they should not be ignored. If rats are allowed to move in and have their nest in your home, controlling them can become a big challenge that needs the services of a professional pest controller.

Reasons why rats are not to be given any chance is that, they have brought deadly diseases and death to humans for ages, and also responsible for wiping out swaths of humanity through the spread of epidemics like the Bubonic Plague. The physical damage they cause can destroy building structures. They gnaw their teeth on any available thing to constantly keep their growing teeth in check. Their chewing is for two purposes, serving not only as dental maintenance but also gaining them access to create indoor. They dig and chew to form burrows that damages building foundations, destroy the efficiency of both plastic and lead pipes as well as furniture and upholstery, electrical wiring, and also door frames is because they can carry pathogens that may transmit disease to humans, including Hantavirus. Some of these pathogens can be transmitted through the droppings and urine of rats, which can quickly become airborne as they break down and contaminate other dust particles. Which means you can be exposed to pathogens even if you dont actually see a rat. This is the reason why you should not disturb a rodent nest if you find it. Instead, you can call a rodent control professional.

In addition, rats can cause damage to your home. They can damage metal or plastic pipes, wooden beams and joists and, sometimes, soft concrete. They are also able to easily chew through the plastic coatings on electrical wiring, which could lead to short circuits or even house fires. They are mostly notorious for getting into food stores, as well as damaging insulation in walls, attics and crawl spaces.


  • Rats will tunnel into insulation inside walls and attics, either to make a home or to gather soft materials for their nests. Rats will also chew on the insulation around wires, and this has been a threat of fire outbreak.
  • Rats will chew on anything they find useful in building their nests, and this can be paper, woods, cloth, books, etc.
  • Rats can cause structural damage to homes, apartments, offices, and any type of building through gnawing, nest-building, and defecation
  • Rats will also gnaw and burrow into upholstered furniture or seats of cars to create a snug nest.

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